Join in the excitement of the 92nd Annual Mardi Gras celebration! Whether you’re in the parade or watching street-side, you’re in for a treat! Approximately 100 entries, including floats, marching bands and costumed individuals will bring to you the excitement of Illinois’ oldest night time parade. Kids: be sure to bring your candy bags as LOTS of treats are given during the parade. The parade will begin at 7:00pm on October 25th.    See parade route map below.

2014 Parade Route

Be ready for the 50/50 ticket sellers! Tickets will be sold during the parade beginning at approximately 6:30pm (prior to the beginning of the parade). The second trip through (mid-parade) spectators can expect the 50/50 prize amount to soar! Last year’s winner took home $12,021!!  The 50/50 group brings up the end of the parade and will be announcing the winning ticket number at that time.

Want to be a part of the Mardi Gras parade?

Parade applications, along with full parade rules and regulations, can be found below. Please read and understand all rules/regs before entering the parade; we’re striving for the best parade yet and your cooperation is truly appreciated.

IF YOU ARE AN ORGANIZED HIGH SCHOOL or JR. HIGH MARCHING BAND: Please contact Steve Cannedy at the Pinckneyville Community High School for Entry information. 357-5013. Note to directors: Please DO NOT pull your equipment trailers into/through the parade route. There is not enough space for tow vehicles and trailers in the line-up area!

There is no parade entry fee and prizes will be awarded. Parade entries must be received by October 10th. This year’s theme is “Great Inventions”.

2014 Parade Info, Rules and Regulations

2014 Parade Application


Costumed category entries do NOT need to send an application to be in the parade. Costumed categories will be judged near the beginning of the parade route at the intersection of Parker and Mill Streets prior to the Parade at 6:30pm.

If you have entered the parade but cannot attend, you MUST contact parade organizers before the parade! Please call as soon as you know, and before 5:00pm the evening of the parade! Again, we’re striving for a great Mardi Gras parade and your help and consideration are an integral part of that!The Mardi Gras Parade Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry in any category.

Parking, Traffic and Safety

If you will be attending the “Great Inventions” parade, be sure to plan to arrive early due to traffic congestion in town. Keep in mind that road closures will be in effect beginning at 5:45pm and traffic flow will be rather restricted inside the parade route and fairgrounds area. See schedule below:

Road Closures and Traffic Restrictions
Mill Street from Parker to Kaskaskia, as well as Chester Street will be closed (band staging area).

County Road (leading into the fairgrounds) will become a ONE WAY Westbound road.
Parker Street between Mill and Walnut will be closed.
Entire Parade Route closed to traffic (Parker, to Walnut, to Mulberry, to Mill)
Parade Begins

If you need to navigate within the parade area or to the fairgrounds, please plan ahead and/or consider alternate routes. For example, if you need to access the fairgrounds area, take 154 to Grant St. (across from Mann’s) and head south to County Road (which will be a one-way street beginning at 6:00pm). Or, alternatively, travel westbound on 154, veer left at the “Y” and continue to Fairgrounds Road.

Above all else: SAFETY FIRST! If you’re driving, be aware of pedestrians throughout town. Leave early and drive slowly! When walking to your parade viewing area, please be sure to take small children by the hand and try to use the sidewalks.


Safety Tips for Motorists

  • Leave early, plan for traffic congestion.
  • Obey the posted speed limit.
  • Watch for children who might dart into the street.

Pedestrian Tips

  • Always cross at intersections. Look left, then right, then left again before proceeding.
  • As a passenger, get in or out of a car on the curb side of the street.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before you cross the street.

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