2019 Mardi Gras Theme

Every year the Pinckneyville Chamber of Commerce accepts Mardi Gras Theme ideas from the community. This year will be the 97th Mardi Gras taking place on the last Saturday in October. CLICK HERE to submit your theme ideas-the winning theme will be announced after the April Chamber Meeting!

Please note we do not repeat themes from the past 20 years: Echoes of a Century, Reflections of Time, Set Sail with the Holidays, A Salute to America, Happiness Is…, Symbols of America, Silver Screen Heroes, Bring on the Music, Woodstock, Disco Fever, Music on Parade, Movie Memories, The Wild West, Family Vacation, Great Inventions, Creatures of the Night, Daydreams and Nightmares, Oh the places you’ll go, Dancin’ in the Street, and Light up the Night.