Rules and Regulations

2018 “Light up the Night” Mardi Gras Parade

Please make sure you have read all of the rules and regulations prior to submitting your entry!


No entry fee.

Entry Deadline October 22, 2018. 

Please note entries rec’d after this date will be placed at the end of the parade, and will not be judged.

Participants should plan to arrive no later than 5:30pm

Parade begins at 7:00 P.M., Saturday, October 27, 2018.
Marshaling instructions and route format will be emailed on or before October 25, 2018.

 LINE-UP NOTE: Feeder streets Duckworth, Ritter, Elizabeth and

Oak will line up facing NORTH and move onto County Road.


1. Youth Group   2. Men’s & Women’s Organizations  3. Churches   4. Business & Union
5. Miscellaneous   6. Outdoor & Recreational      7. Farm/Farm Related

*Definition of a Float: A float is a decorated platform towed behind a vehicle.

Marching Groups (non-organized bands or other groups)

PLEASE NOTE: On your application you must choose ONE category and whether or not your group wishes to be judged.

Float Judging Criteria
Floats will be judged as follows: a total of no more than 100 points will be given to each float and divided as such:
     Theme – maximum 30 point  Originality – maximum 20 points       Humor/Taste – maximum 10 points,
Workmanship/Lighting/Music – maximum 15 points  Overall Effect/Eye Appeal – maximum 25 points

Float Judging General Information

All categories of floats/non-floats will be judged prior to the parade at their designated marshaling locations. Judging will begin at 6:00pm sharp. All float entries that wish to be judged must be in their assigned position by 5:30pm. Please communicate directly with your Marshal about when the judges arrive in your area. The judges, prior to the start of the parade, will award prizes and ribbons.

Float Requirements

– All float entries must display a 12-inch by 12-inch sign on the left front (driver side) of the float with the Float Entry number on it corresponding with the number you have been assigned. This entry number is required so the judges can identify each float entry for the prizes that will be given.  Each float may also have the name of the sponsoring group displayed on it with a plaque, sign or banner this is carried.

‑Floats are required to carry a fire extinguisher.
Minimum 10 lb. ABC dry chemical.

– 12’ maximum height

 Floats Prizes (all categories) and Non-Float:

1st Place: $100, 2nd Place: $80, 3rd Place: $60

Overall (1st Place Winners in each category)

1st place:  $300, 2nd Place: $200, 3rd Place: $100
Extra-Mile Award (Float traveled furthest distance) $80


Adult Individual                    Children’s Individual
Group Costume                    Decorated Children’s Wagon

Costumed category entries do NOT need to send an application to be in the parade. Costumed categories will be judged near the beginning of the parade route at the intersection of Parker and Mill Streets prior to the Parade at 6:30pm.

Costume Prizes:
Adult Costumed, Child Individual Costume,
Decorated Wagon, Group Costume:
1st Place $20

PLEASE NOTE: Judging is subjective and decisions are finalized before the parade.

Viewers Choice:
Judged during the parade route by a panel of judges; trophy awarded the following week.

Are allowed ONLY 1 FLOAT (1 vehicle to pull it, no other vehicles/gators/golf carts, etc.) PER PARTY and as many WALKERS as you wish by that float.  Contact your Perry County Central Committee Chair for parade line-up position.

Parade Order

Many groups ask to be near the front of the parade. Where possible, we have accommodated these requests.  However, in fairness, every year we rotate as to which group will be first in the parade (for example, if you were the first category last year, you will be rotated to the end of the parade this year).

Parade Schedule

5:15pm – Marshals in position
5:30pm – Float/non-float entries in position

6:00pm – Float/non-float judging begins

6:30pm – Costumed categories judged

7:00pm – Parade begins


If you have entered the parade but cannot attend, you MUST contact the Chamber at 357-3243 before the parade! Please call as soon as you know, and before 3:00pm the day of the parade! Again, we’re striving for a great Mardi Gras parade and your help and consideration are an integral part of that!
Gaps in the Parade

Our biggest parade complaint is that there are too many gaps in the parade

If you are a non-float marching group DO NOT STOP TO PERFORM!

All entries MUST continue to be forward-moving throughout the parade. All entries should be aware of the location of the entry in front of and behind them in order to eliminate such large gaps.

 Traffic, Parking & Restrooms

If you will be in the parade PLAN TO ARRIVE EARLY (no later than 5:30pm). Traffic is very congested around town and the parade route. See for a list of street closures/alternate route suggestions. Bus parking for marching bands will be concentrated in the fairground at the ball park area. Restrooms will be available inside the fairgrounds and port-a-potties will be located on Front Street near the railroad tracks and at the staging area for band marchers at the intersection of Mill and Parker Streets.




Please contact the Chamber at with any questions!

Don’t forget we will be selling Mardi Gras 50/50 during the parade!  Last years winner took home over $19,000!